Problem statement:

At the moment individual production steps are decoupled from up or downstream processes within a flexible manufacturing environment. Single machines or production cells are nowadays already optimized such that further enhancement of productivity can only happen when the entire production chain is taken into account. The objective of the project SePiA.Pro is consequently to create a service platform for the optimization of cyber-physical systems in manufacturing processes. During their operation, CPS generate a tremendous amount of sensor data of varying size and complexity. Only the aggregation of these data and their intelligent analysis facilitate a detailed control, regulation, optimization and behaviour prediction of single components as well as combined production systems. Such intelligent data analyses are realized by a combination of value-added services, so-called Smart Services, operating on the entire data collection. Since Smart Services are to be portable, the project consortium develops an approach to integrate software components together with their needed runtime environment and further ingredients into a self-describing Smart Service archive. One of these ingredients are policies to manage, and administrate user and access rights.


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